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Look and Horizon Orsini Verbasi

I have the pleasure to introduce Renato Orsini's on-line exhibition – a dear friend and a very talented photographer, whom we are honoured to host on our pages.
His pictures tell about fascinating and introvert worlds: exploring his works always means exploring places and moments of uncommon intensity.
Renato, tells through images his very way of being and seeing the world around him, careful to details and situations, with his “third” eye never fails to hit and capture the observer's attention.
Masterly – such are his shots in black and white, a typology which the Artist particularly loves, and such is the strength they transmit that they immediately conquer you. I personally appreciate this pictures, since they are among the best ones I have seen on the web so far.
Now I shall leave you to his works' exhibition, which witnesses in fact their distinguishing uniqueness and peculiarity, way more than my words could say. I am thankful towards the Artist for making his works of art available.
Paolo Rafficoni
Renato Orsini was born in 1956. He both lives and works in Naples. He has been photographing for about twenty years, prefers b/w photography believing that the story often does not need colour. He offers very narratively incisive shortcuts of everyday life, with deep bonds with his native city and its suburbs. His shots are characterized by human presences, constant and undeniable subject of the surrounding contest, by which his artistic sensitivity is inspired. Orsini participates in several collective exhibitions, as recently done in Naples. In 2007 he exposes his work at the literary Café Intramoenia, with “Il tempo, il Luogo e l'Amore” (“The time, the Place and the Love”). During the same year, in November, in the city of Avellino, he exposes at Oltrefrontiera “I volti nascosti dell'abitudine, brevi avventure sui percorsi quotidiani” (“The hidden faces of habit, short adventures along the daily paths”). In 2006 he publishes a short but significant pictures collection called: “Stromboli. Mare Terra e Fuoco” (“Stromboli. Sea Earth and Fire”).
What can you know? - Naples
I shall dream of you each night, happiness
among paths of amaranth poetry
sprout of an indulging kiss
on the blooming of a whisper – shadowed
poison of inveterate loneliness.
Without you – Agropolis

Barely does the sky open to the rays, strong at heart.
Within the veils unfurled by your wind the warm singing
of mermaids, tired arms and tight ropes.
Life is beautiful – Lisbon

Wind butterflies loosening fair hair locks
smelling of white lemon and cedar.
Flights of white hands wounding the sky.
Tammurriata – Pagani

Goblet of promises on the border of a silhouette
among corollas of hyachints and never ending eyes.
Fragments – S.Anastasia

The irregular beat is obsession, the sense
of a heart on fire... is dismay.
My wounded world within the world
suffered with bitterness and profuse martyrdom.
You are in the soul

Thrilling I pray for smiles, the love of yours
waiting for flesh to mark with kisses.
Impoverished, covered with dust, and proud
among shady leafy branches of melancholy prisons
I remove needles thrusted by hand.
In my secret life - Napoli

Does my bitterness bounce between the ribs
confused among memories of words smile
cold feet has my land of faces
and troubled look of steps.
Feeling – Agropoli

As the wind blew
on the sea of opal glass
shining in sparks of night
moments of eternal ecstasy.
Velvety kisses
on unfolded lips.
Together towards the unknown – Vesuvio

Under the sole of your shoes, the snow
on my look, rain, sighing you once again.
Us and them - Lisbona

Within the infinite remains a morning of hands
to open with caresses on your absent face.
I torment in the hair and asphalt
and I die of irrepressible love madness.
The truth - Londra

Behind the desert of fears
the look falls asleep at dawn
litany of sharp screams far within the eyes
still silhouette of my short breath.
Rota rota - Pagani

So it runs towards other sunsets
life lying down drying with dawn
the trace sinking into playful cries.

In hell is quiet and proud pain
shattering with rain under a father sky
again wrinkles at the sides of the eyes.

Moments – San Leucio

With no mooring I violate the unknown blue
I leave behind beams of uncertain silences
on the wharf of good hands, it's evening already.
The artist and his essence – Sorrento
No longer open window,
shining curves suspended
faint distant point, sacrificed
in corners of trasversal horizon,
root ripped off the heart with bites.
The days – Lisbon
They keep passing by – the colours of my years
in the winter of tomorrow thick as well
Time changes direction to the echo of
held moments among whispers and dreams within imperfect nights.
Mirror of my wishes – Monreale
On the roof stars of my prisons
here and there wak light in fragments
stains of wings biting my lips
glued to proud nostalgias.
Life flows
A winter wound in these red eyes
in the wind the northern cold
swallows saliva among tongue bites, ash,
dismembered echo, my despair.
Sine verbis
I survive while I die lacerating
among memories crucified in the room and I tremble.
There's no noise in my still heart
no voice, none I can hear.


-Associazione Salotto Culturale Rosso Venexiano
-Direttore di Frammenti: Manuela Verbasi
-Introduction: Paolo Rafficoni.
-Pictures by Renato Orsini. -Verses by Manuela Verbasi.
-Translation by Enrico De Zottis.
-Editing by Paolo Rafficoni

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