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Romancing the Maya (English version ) Part four

      In the morning I was commenting with Maria our incredible adventure of the previous night and the story we heard narrated by Lord Tula.
       We could recollect same memories of the events of the previous night. Both, Maria and I, we did reconstruct the apparition and speech of Lord Tula in the same way. The similarity of our story of the events categorically excluded that was a vision caused by the hallucinogen drinks. It was certainly an amazing and unbelievable story to a many people if we would tell, but how could we proof those events had really happened and we saw and spoke to the ghost of the king?
      We frantically tried to formulate a plan to gain the necessary evidence that the facts narrated by Lord Tula had happened in the past and we were the only witnesses in the way he and his companion were buried alive in the tunnel taking to the city archive.
      With Maria I came up with the necessity to find the tunnel that certainly still today would give evidence that the last battle of Lord Tula had happened in the way narrated to us by his spirit.
     Maria said “Whatever happened last night and in the way it was narrated would be our secret. We can’t divulgate what we saw or else, anybody else outside the present to the ceremony, would say is a fabricated tale to gain publicity. But we certainly have received a strong message. We have to be thankful for it to the magical powers of Grandpa, the Maya’s Grand Priest. We have now a strong lead and we have only to follow it.”
     “Yes Maria, you are right. We have to follow Lord Tula’s vision. If we follow the detailed narration of his escape, we would somewhere find the remains of the King and the few with him. But from where do we start to find that underground tunnel? Do you have any suggestions?”
     “Sure, it is imperative for us to find that secret passage connected to the Lords palace. I know that Cawek, Lord of the Forest People, not only destroyed the City of the Moon with fire, but evidently after that battle he used slaves to demolish the standing ruins of the city and scattered those remains down the cliffs to complete his revenge of annihilate his enemy, Lord Tula. But I’m not sure where we to start to look for this underground passage. We don’t have any knowledge where the palace was located and more if that tunnel would have been depart from there.”
       “Yes Maria, your point is convincing. You will know that guessing around could take all our life, as well we don’t have such resources to do that. We need the help from some powerful organization or a miracle to find that passage. At this moment we only stand on our resources and the hope of luck.”
       “True, Charlie. I believe in the supernatural vision we had of Lord Tula. It wasn’t as casual as it appears. The King’s spirit doesn’t rest in peace and he firmly wants us to find his remains and the place of his burial. Again we have a change closer than we think. Why don’t we try again Grandpa supernatural powers? He may be of great help and he can spell back another oracle.”
       I replied “That’s part of your job of asking for his help. Beside I cannot speak the Maya’s dialect.”
         We stop in meditation and after half an hour I opened my thoughts to Maria,
        “Since my accident in the cave I haven’t being back there. I know, I wasn’t fit to walk properly, but I have feelings. That sacred place can have answers to our questions. Why don’t we have a proper inspection, Maria? Who ever know?”
        “Grandpa said that is only a sacred burial place. True. But burial places are also magical places where are kept in custody the revelation and the secrets of those who lived in the past.”
       “I think that is the place where we may as well start our searches there for Lord Tula’s remains. Maybe that is one of the reasons why the place has been kept secret over the centuries. Could possibly be for don’t disturb his mortal remains? An exploration in the cavern is appropriated. It could take us a long way and we can discover something valuable for our work. ”
          Maria replied “I agree Charlie, Grandpa has always talks with respect of the cave and he said he had keep away any curious from this sacred Maya’s place. Most likely doesn’t only involve the profanations of the Gods and the spirits of the dead.” 
         We spent the next couple of days moving into the cave the necessary equipment, including a generator, long leads and electrical lights to have a complete view of the large cavern and finally on the third day we were ready to start our exploration. I had with me many films for the cameras, including some infrared just in case we needed to explore behind the rock walls.
          The cave was much larger that I originally expected from my previous calculation based on the time of returning the echo of my voice, that I grossly calculated previously when I was trapped and called loudly for help.
         We had a first surprise in the cave when we discovered it was a large pool of fresh water at one end. I threw a stone in the water and a weak echo returned after some time indicating that it was quite deep. 
         After a few hours work, Maria decided to have there our lunch break there considering the pool was quite a relaxing place.
      After launch, I lay on stone floor and I closed my eyes in meditation and letting my senses capture the secrets kept in the cave. My first impression returning to my senses was the idyllic atmosphere emanated by this underground pool. The water bubbled up under the effect of the air that escaped from the dip volcanic bed below and frothed to the surface and created a soft melodic sound. The light where at a certain distance and reached our corner with a dimmed reflection creating an unrealistic atmosphere that made   me have a different dimension of Maria, quite different from the one I used to see her normally. She was laying in a careless way over a smooth bed-stone and I saw in her the woman that never though possible.
       “Strange,” I thought, “It’s so long a time that we are working together, but never before I looked at her as if she belongs to the opposite sex. She is remarkably a beautiful young woman, and my god, I judge she is quite sexy! What had been wrong with me all the time?”
       With semi-closed eyes I started to analyze Maria. She was tall and her body well proportioned, her long legs well shaped, were showed even more graciously out of her short and the tight pink Vi-neck shirt that gave result to the swell of her breast.
    The long brown hair was groomed into a thick tress. She had sweet and large eyes and the lips; coral tinted were sensual and turned into a sweet smile.
       Maria noticed how curiously I was analyzing her. She seemed amused and became more provocative. She rolled over the stone bed and slowly adjusted herself so I could see deeper into her cleavage and able to admire more of her gracious feminine body. She gently smiled back to me and took my hand in hers.
    With a musical voice she told me “How amazing, the magic of this cave works well. I see that this mythical place finally makes possible the spell I was waiting for. You show to have desire for me.”
        “Maybe you are right, Maria.”
         “Why have you waited so long, Charlie, Why? At a certain moment I thought that you will never look at me as a woman, even if I was hoping it with trepidation for so long. It is since the day we first met that I have a special feeling for you, and believe me; my hopes were not only on you for the valuable archeologist you are.
       “Yes Charlie, often I dreamed we were lovers, and finally today you have discovered the woman in me. Have you never thought of me as a willing woman, capable to give love and be passionate?”
       Such revelation left me speechless. Never before, I had received a declaration of love that was coming from the gentle sex. But I wasn’t completely amazed. Working together I had learned, that many times Maria was unpredictable by nature and full of surprises.
       Indeed that day was my lucky day. I thought that was the best thing that could happen to me.
       Her sexual desire inflamed me. Soon her hot kisses gave way to my passion and I was engulfed by hot desires burning in my crotch. Our clothes were ripped off and I saw Maria as she really was in admirable lean nude body, perfectly carved. Her solid breast was graciously upturned. I looked at her with my desires increasing and dreaming to caress her round stiff nipples… We embraced and passionately we exchanged kissed, caresses, sweet words of love, till our senses became demanding and we entwined our bodies into the song of love transmitted by our earths…we finally fall to the smooth marble bed to consume our frenetic desires.
      Maria caresses induced me into a growing passion and finally overpowered herself from desire introduced my stiffness inside her and in that way we let our passion cavalcade wildly. My lover kept asking to stay in her longer and passionate to consummate our everlasting passion, that kept us together into any possible limit and she responded wildly to my passion with enchanted screams of emotion.
      Finally, exhausted we lied motionless on then stone slab, with our bodies still united in an embrace. We rested in such position, till Maria raised and joyously called me,
        “Come Charlie, time for a swim.”
         The water was cool and refreshing and Maria’s body was close to mine, she grab me and we dived in the bubbled water exchanging a passionate kiss under water.
          We made love once more when we emerged from the pool, then we dressed up. We left the cave to go back to the village. It was night by that time and the stars above were brighter in the moonless sky. I drove silently the Jeep. Maria, like a tired kitten, rested on my lap with a gentle grateful smile on her lips.
       We were now in our sixth week inspecting the cave. We went over and over again on particular locations we thought they could hide a secret.
       At night Lord Tula became part of my dreams and again and again I was seeing him and his companion fighting their last strenuous skirmish against their numerous enemies. In my dream he was continually try to send me a mute message. He was pointing to a succession of places. I had the feeling that he was asking me to be more meticulous in inspecting the cave walls. To look more carefully for unnoticeable details and seeing me restless for the lack of evidence, I saw in his eyes a spurring request to be more patient. I was frustrated. Apparent leads where normally taking me nowhere. But in time I was learning the basic lesson which request an archeologist to be patience and go over and over again, many several times on each single detail just to be sure that not even the smallest of possibility is lost for negligence or rashness.
        I noticed that over a couple of places some cave-in had occurred, or could that the rubble accumulated there was nothing but men’s work to create an artificial appearance in concealing something behind? Was that possible or was it only a supposition of mine?

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